When #Fitspiration Turns X-Rated, Who Wins? (Video)

She’s got thousands of online followers and is dedicated to life in the gym — but are fitspiration gurus like Jojo Babie inspiring a healthy lifestyle, or is there a more sinister side to the latest craze to flood social media feeds?

’MURICA — It’s the subject on everybody’s lips and perhaps one of the most important issues facing the human race at this juncture in our history.

We’re not talking about climate change, the European migrant crisis, or whether the world is heading for another financial meltdown. No, we’re interested in something far more important than that.

What we really want to know is … are fitspiration pics on social media just porn by another name? And does the genre objectify women?

Fitness plus inspiration equals fitspiration, and whether you’re a gym bunny or not you’re probably familiar with these motivational memes of ripped, sweaty women working out in your social media feeds.

But at some point along the way, these inspirational messages seem to have got in bed with pornography and done the nasty, giving birth to a new genre of photos which on one hand inspire women to work out … and on the other hand … wait, what exactly is that in your hand? It sure doesn’t look like a dumbbell.

via TomoNews

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