Which Bodybuilding Mistakes You MUST Avoid!



Bodybuilding is a hard task, like any other formal education as well as performing arts like – Music, dance, painting or anything else – you’ve to spend many valuable years to master on that. Bodybuilding is one of the hardest because you not only do hard work, unlike your friends – you may not permitted to lead their life! So, it is very important that, keep track your progress and watch your activity seriously. According to many bodybuilding critics – it is a trial and error method, so you’ve to experiment with your body! We totally disagree!! Because if you are continuously experimenting with your body through various workouts, then definitely you may not get your desired results.

However, here is a brief list of most common mistakes by new bodybuilders that you must avoid –

Mistake #1

Don’t Listen Others! Except your instructor! Because when you’re a newcomer in Gym, you’ll find numbers of big guys around you! And everybody advised you! Remember one thing – the body structure of everybody is different and that is why, the exercise varies one person to another person. If you hear their advice and applying in your workout plan, then everything will be messed up! That is why, it is suggested that, stick on your own workout plan!

Mistake #2

If you carefully noticed to your gym, then you probably found, the newcomers forget their basic exercise within 1-2 weeks! And start exercising with machines without any instructions! It is a very common problem almost in every Gym! Undoubtedly, bench press, cable cross and other exercises are important but don’t forget your basic exercise like – running on treadmill, cycling, squats, military press and other muscle group exercises, they are not only muscle group exercises, rather some of them and worm up your body and prepare for heavy exercise. Some of them are – running on treadmill, twister and cycling.

Mistake #3

Supplements are everything! A completely wrong statement! Rather the fact is – many of so-called “health supplements” or “body mass builder” contains harmful chemicals or even steroids that not only create serious health problems, even it can kill you! So, beware before buying any such “magical” products. However, there are numbers of good, FDA affiliated and chemically tested health supplements like – protein powder and other protein forms available in the market. Possibly, you can get the best idea about necessary supplement from your instructor. Alternatively, you can find numbers of Blogs and websites over the Internet that offer solid review about most popular protein powder and health supplements. It is recommended that, you must check them to ensure the best quality products.

Mistake #4

Stop over training immediately! New bodybuilders and stock traders, both of them want immediate results! Not only that, once a new trader won some profit first time, he/she start over treading! Similarly, once a new body builder starts workout – they need immediate results and start over training. Usually 45 to 60 minutes is enough, if you work out more than 60 minutes with exhaustive training, then you may do an over training! And you must change your workout schedule.

Those are only four common mistakes, however, there are lots of other mistakes can take place, so we’ll discuss them in later articles. Keep watching!