White Flood By Controlled Labs Product Review



Todays review is on the pre-workout supplement White Flood by controlled labs. This product is designed to enhance your energy and nitric oxide levels. This also comes with a high increase in stamina, focus and strength. A great bonus about to this product is the fact that it is creatine free, so works great to use between your creatine cycles to keep you pumped and focused. Not only that it has 0 Calories, so containing no carbs or fat. It’s great for keeping to your nutrition routine.
From the makers of White BLOOD, CONTROLLED LABS is proud to present: WHITE FLOOD Flood your system for PEAK performance!

Citrulline, Carnitine and Ornithine have all been shown to enhance the natural anabolic effects of weightlifting, and even promote greater strength gains within weeks!! In the White Flood formula, potent doses of these 3 compounds are combined with Norvaline (a potent arginase inhibitor), enhancing the absorption and simultaneously prolonging the effects of all 3 compounds. With this controlled delivery system, these compounds can pass through the digestive system intact and deliver incredible pumps and vasodilation. As a bonus, this formula enhances the prevention of increased blood ammonia during training.


I personally found this product to be very beneficial. I noticed great strength gains and my stamina went through the roof.  Some pre-workout supplements leave you shaking and hooked. Where as White Flood gives you a natural pumping sensation with out the jitters. On the taste side, this product exceeded my expectations. I personally had furious fruit punch. The taste is sweet and had a fizz to it. Due to the fizz I would recommend using a fork to stir as if you shake too aggressively it sometimes leaves a layer of froth.
 ENO Flood Complex 1500mg – l-citrulline, l-ornithe, l-carnitine, l-tartrate.
FLOODURANCE Complex 1200mg–   Carnosyn, beta-alanine, l-tyrosine
LIVE ENERGY Complex–   Beet root, GABA, glucuronotactone, natural caffeine, potassium, gluconate, cacao bean(extracted for 99%methylvanthines), evodia rutaecarpa(extracted for 95% evodiamine extract), l-norvaline, sugar cane(extracted for 60% octerosanol), vinpocetine, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, lutein, frolic acid, golenium, huperzia serrata(extracted for 99% huperzine)
L-ornthine • associated with the body’s human growth hormone.
•helps immune support and healing
L-carnitine– taken with omega 3 you can help promote fat loss and I crease energy levels.
Beta-alanine- •increase muscular strength and power.
•increase muscle mass.
•increase endurance.
L-tyrosine– •increase male libido.
•increase energy.
•helps with appetite suppression.
Beet root- •helps improve stamina and blood flow.
GABA- •helps prevent restlessness and promote mood enhancing.
L-norvaline- •helps increase arginine that turns to nitric oxide.
My overall thoughts of white flood is that it’s right up there in my top 10. It beats most products for me due to its creatine free ingredients. Also  it supply’s everything you need to help your blood flow to gain the best results. I hope this review has helped and keep logged in to gymflow100 for more reviews.