Why Battle Ropes Provide Massive Results (Video)

Why Battle Ropes Provide Massive Results 1

A new revolutionary and dynamic workout for people comes in a seemingly simple, non-threatening package called Battle Ropes. These Battle Ropes, which resemble thickly coiled ropes, provide a straightforward yet powerful workout aiming to maximize arms, shoulders, and core. The new workout proves to be rewarding, challenging, and will almost certainly cause sore muscles.

Battle Ropes come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 8 to 15m in length, 2.5 to 5cm in thickness, and 7.5 to 20kg in weight. Training with these versatile workout tools is geared toward applying upper body power, coupled with achieving high endurance. For any Battle Ropes workout, one end of the rope is tied to a solid anchor, with the individual holding the other end and allowing the rope to spread out to its maximum length. Battle Rope trainees should maintain a constant circular or whipping motion. This results in the creation of a “wave” that produces huge resistance and requires massive strength in response to demand.

The power endurance produced by this new rope training system is the ultimate goal for any athlete; not only does it burn mammoth amounts of calories, but it also requires large energy output and boosts strength and fitness. Maintaining consistent circuits of waves calls for maximum force, speed, and time, making it one of the most difficult new training regimes available on the fitness market.

The results are powerful. Those who employ the Battle Ropes training method will quickly develop strong grips, emphasized shoulder muscles, and a completely transformed core. Added benefits include improved athletic performance. The training method directs the body to apply force from the core outward, improving response time and increasing overall athleticism. Psychologically, Battle Ropes training requires a man to power through pain, as even a quick circuit with the Battle Ropes will prove to be painful but the results will prove to be worth it. The Battle Ropes are safe to use, allowing the user to simply drop them when he can go no further.

Workouts vary in terms of circuits, rounds, and intervals. Beginners can start with single waves for 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, applied for 2 rounds. Within the same circuit, you can move up to double waves at the same intervals and rotation, while also adding other body exercises into the mix, such as squats and lunges. More advanced trainers can employ moguls by moving from side to side while performing single waves or even crossovers, making horizontal waves by crossing each arm over the other.

Dedicated Battle Ropes participants are sure to experience pain, exhaustion, and tons of sweat. Ultimately though, the workout can produce a whole new body and revolutionized athletic performance.