Why Fast Food Ruin Your Muscles?



If you’re a beginner bodybuilder or just want to lose some weight and join a gym to workout, immediately after joining the gym, your gym instructor makes a diet chart for you and suggest you – immediately change your food habit, specially avoid fast food/junk food as much as possible. Now the question is – what is fast food/junk food? Well, the simple answer is – foods that do not take more than 5 minutes to serve! Yes! Like – burger, pizza, hotdog and other ready to eat foods that are commonly available in local fast food retails, not only that – some worldwide fast food companies also selling their products worldwide! All of them fallen into that category. Not only that, apart from them, pie, shakes, sweet dishes, dip fries and other fried foods like fish and chips equally adding lots of unwanted calories in your body.

The main reason of avoiding fast food is – it adds huge unwanted calories in your body through unsaturated fat. Usually fries, burger, hotdog and other food contain lots of animal fat long with other fats like, oil, butter, cream and many other fat forms. Additionally, some foods also contains, preservatives and chemicals like – monosodium glutamate to increase the taste of the food, not only that, during canning, dehydration and processing – the manufacturers also use lots of other chemicals like – artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors, they’re extremely unhealthy.  However, here are the prime reasons to prove you may to eat fast food –

Reason #1 Preservatives: preservatives are generally potentially harmful chemicals that are used to keep fresh meat, fish and vegetables for weeks long! Did you know? When you order a burger, the chicken or beef used that burger, at least 3-4 days old! And the lettuce, cabbage and other vegetables are used in burger that already preserved with numerous other preservatives to look them fresh and intact!  So, when you eat any fast food – keep in mind that, you not only compromise with the freshness of the food but also you’re going to have some chemicals!

Reason #2 Hygiene Issue: if you just take a look inside of the kitchen on your street corner fast food counter, then you probably understand the hygiene issue. If you think – yes, a 4 – star restaurant definitely don’t have that hygiene issue! But this is not completely true! Because you may find the kitchen apparently clean, but you can’t overlook other issues! Still, it is considerable that, usually reputed restaurants have improved sanitary systems in their kitchen.

Reason#3 Calorie Size:  this is the main reason of eliminating fast food from your life! A simple example can help you a lot. Usually – we need 400-600 calories from our regular meal (3 major meals and 2 small snacks), whereas KFC Chicken Bucket Contains 790 calories, A McDonald Hamburger Contains 810 calories and 300 ML of PEPSI contain 170 calories!  So, you can easily imagine – what happens if you consume them for a long time!

Finally, fast food not only create obesity, it also responsible for increase LDL cholesterol, Hamper blood sugar level, decrease the functionality of the colon and the complete digestive system and finally, affect your overall immunity system.