Why Most Diets Fail?



Dieting increases its popularity day-by-day, and there are several reasons for that! Before few years back, the misconception floating around the fitness arena – dieting is a women’s thing men don’t need that. Not only that, a recent research shows nearly 50% of American women are on a diet plan and alternatively, 25% of the American men are on a diet. And the numbers are growing. The most shocking fact about dieting is – more that 95% of dieters regain their weight immediately after leaving the diet plan!

The common misconception about dieting is – remove calories from food as much as possible. But the truth behind the right diet is – balanced food that not only meets your body’s requirements but also, it doesn’t add extra calories and fat.  However, here are some most common reasons for diet failure –


Unclear Goal – setting your goal is very important, no matter whether it is your decision about bodybuilding, weight loss or anything else. Why it is important? Because depending on your goal, your diet depends. If you go for weight loss, then your diet is different. In that case – you have to reduce extra calories from your meal along with extra fat contents. Whereas, bodybuilding diets are different than a weight loss diet, usually, bodybuilding diet includes high volume of proteins, limited carbohydrate and fat.

Quick Radical Change – it is very difficult to manage the calorie reduction from your meal! Because when you reduce the calorie 4000 to 2000/2200 calorie complete break your energy level and start eating your muscles. So, it is very important that, you must keep your eyes while reducing the calories. That is why – it is recommended that, gradually reduce calories instead of slashing down the calories at once.

Consuming Bad Food – as mentioned earlier, after leaving the diet, dieter start gaining weight and the main reason of it is – consuming bad foods. The truth is – when you’re on a diet – you bored with the same kind of food and the fitness instructors/dietitians simply remove those foods that you love! And as a result of this, when you leave the diet plan and consuming those foods that are restricted in your previous diet, you start gaining weight! That is why, we strongly encourage you – stop consuming bad foods even after leaving your diet plan or between the break of your bodybuilding process.

Stop Exercise – nearly every diet plan in the world, no matter whatever it is – for weight loss or anything that must include exercises. When you leave the diet plan and stop regular exercise, your body starts storing the fat and extra calories and as a result of whole – you start gaining weight!

In today’s life, everybody is busy and don’t have enough time to exercise even maintains their diets. But if you already in any diet plan, then don’t make the following mistakes and enjoy the perfect body for a long time.