Why Physical Exercise During Pregnancy is Important



Exercise is very important during pregnancy. It will help you to cope with labour and delivery as well as getting back into shape after the birth. If you are a regular exerciser keep your regular activity for as long as you feel comfortable.

Is exercising safe for my baby?

Yes, exercising is very safe for your baby. Different studies have shown that active women are less likely to experience problems in later pregnancy and labour such as birth injuries or traumas.

An intense workout is not recommended. You don’t need to exhaust yourself or become breathless, especially if you weren’t active before you got pregnant. Otherwise, if you are a fitness fanatic speak with your doctors about your routine as they can help you understand which exercise you can keep during your pregnancy.

What exercises are recommended?

Exercises that strengthen your muscles are the most recommended so that you can carry the extra weight of pregnancy. Beside this, you will improve circulation, ease backache and make your joints stronger.

Stomach-strengthening exercises are very useful in order to ease backache while Pelvic floor exercises help when your pelvic floor muscles are weak and urine leaks occur while coughing or sneezing (stress incontinence).

What exercises to avoid?

–        Do not practice contact sport as the risk of being hit is high.

–        Do not practice sport that present risk of falling (horse-riding, skiing, cycling)

–        Do not do scuba-diving, because your baby has no protection against decompression sickness and gas embolism

–        Do not exercise above 2,500m above sea level, because of the risk of altitude sickness

–        Do not lie flat on your back. In this position your weight presses on the vena cava, the major vessel that returns blood to your heart and, as a result, you might feel dizzy.

What are the benefits for my baby?

Physical exercise improves the health of the placenta, the tissue that provides oxygen and feeds the baby during pregnancy. We might tend to believe that while exercising the baby gets ‘shaken’ and nervous, research has actually shown that the movement associated with gentle exercise calms the baby and helps him to sleep in utero.


This article is contributed by Adriano D’Ambrosio.
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