Why Women Get Fat After Marriage?


Not all women get fat after marriage.  I am not a psychologist but the reality is that many women do gain weight quickly after they have settled down with their sole mate. It is weird for me why the girls are so eager to lose weight fast for the wedding and right after the event they start putting on the pounds back.

Comfort Zone

Getting fat after marriage is caused by the mixture of stress, new lifestyle, the ownership and the feeling of security. Finally you have the man you’ve been dreaming about for years. He is in your home and he wakes up next to you every morning. What a happy moment! Now your husband will get the chance to know your sleepy face and messed up hair. Step by step you got comfortable and stop spending so much time in front of the mirror.  Also, we got many other things to do and exercising isn’t priority anymore.

Social Life

Often women stop working after the marriage and the lack of social life sets the road to the bigger you.  Staying at home gives you the freedom to wear baggy clothes which doesn’t assist you in body weight control. You don’t realize that step by step you are getting fat because you can’t see it. A good idea is to avoid putting big clothes on such as your husband’s sweater or saggy pants.

When women socialize they are defiantly cautious about their outlook. They do care what the others think about them. Going to a party, concert, beach or dinner stimulates female’s desire to look beautiful. Social life makes them wanting to lose body weight, get rid of cellulite, change hair style and buy new clothes. Thus ladies, stay busy, go out and show your firm and lean body to the world!

Fading Excitement

Then the passion starts slipping away due to the habit to see your mate every day.  He is available most of the time and the sensual urges to see each other, to be together are fading away. The excitement of dating keeps you inspired and motivates you to look good and after the marriage this feeling might decrease.

Adopting Someone Else’s Eating Habits

Living with another person can make you adopt new eating habits which are not exactly the same you’ve been practicing before the marriage. This could be a major reason for getting more body fat.  I remember the time when I have fallen into this trap. There was munching of unhealthy midnight snacks, eating salty foods and some fried oily meals.  So, everything counts and we pay the price!

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Marriage brings a lot of new responsibilities and they may cause depression or stress to the new couple.  Those are two common factors for weight gain after the marriage for both men and women.  It seems that the ladies lead here due to the fact that they go through phases such as pregnancies and nursing. We all know that those great moments of our life may limit our physical activity and they usually bring some major lifestyle adjustments.

Additionally, during pregnancy women experience hormonal changes that can trigger weight gain. Their body produces more estrogen which is related with the increased amount of fat storages. In some cultures people say that you should eat for two during pregnancy. This tradition is still around even in our modern world and many young women are following advices like these. As a result they develop overweight body which is difficult to manage after giving birth and while nursing.

If you are one of those women you might consider taking weight loss supplements. Unfortunately, we can’t take any fat burning supplements while breastfeeding so what you need to do is to wait. When your body is back to its normal hormonal state you may find good diet pills for women and start your weight loss journey.

In conclusion, I would like to assure you that marriage doesn’t mean an endless fight against the fat. It’s all about having good attitude which will determine your decision to lose weight and putting into action this decision. Right attitude will help you achieve your weight loss goals and become a happily married and fat free woman.


Author Bio:

Veneta Yoveva is a weight loss coach, detox specialist and certified fitness instructor. Veneta is the owner of Weight Loss for Women website where she shares her knowledge and experience in the weight loss field.