Why Yoga Is Also For Men



Men can be a bit hesitant to practice yoga because of its overall feminine label to it. Though there are already 27% of men in the US who stood up to that idea, still we girls can’t help sometimes but be indignant about this misinformation.

So to start this off, let’s mention a few yoga benefits that aren’t just true to girls before proceeding to get those reasons;

  • Yoga can decrease stress
  • Yoga can enhance your flexibility and strength. Stamina too.
  • Yoga improves your concentration
  • Yoga can benefit your spirit.
  • Yoga can benefit your sexuality as well.


Reasons Why Men Can Also Practice Yoga

  1. Yoga isn’t all about sitting in the floor doing languid poses. Men tend to look at it as too feminine, but we say why not try it? What you see in TV and the internet isn’t just what yoga is, it’s more than that.
  2. Yoga won’t make you feel incompetent. Men always have the fear of losing face especially in a class. But fear not. There is a great care that is being practiced for new comers in classes. You will be guided and you won’t feel outcast. But private yoga sessions for beginners can be possible as well.
  3. Yoga isn’t way below than your normal competitive sports. Yes, you see athletes working their body off in contact sports. And you think it pails directly to yoga. But yoga can put those muscles in you as much as those dumbbells can. What more? In yoga you do it deliberately; your body won’t be shocked with sudden muscle shifts.
  4. You are too stiff for yoga. Excuses. Just the best thing that could have push you more then, stiffness can vanish after regular yoga class. Yoga’s dynamic movement can get you started. And in no time you will be hooked.
  5. Yoga is where you will meet girls in sexy clad yoga apparel. Hey, just joking! Erase it and proceed to the next. Seriously.
  6. Yoga doesn’t stop you from having a glass of wine or two. This sometimes is a common misconception. Yoga is all about discipline. So do everything in moderation and you can still take yoga classes.
  7. Yoga can heal. It can serve as a therapy. You, of all the people know, that you have spent a day sitting in the office and even doing hard jobs. Part of healing our physicality is the aim of yoga.

I can give you more reasons but I don’t think you can listen anymore, I just hope the above things are enough. I found my happiness in yoga. And I have my husband who is very at ease with it too. He is as much man as you are. I’m not coercing you to change your mind, but then I hope it’s worth a try.

Now, tell me your excuses.


About the Author:
Ada Hung is a yogini, a blogger and a fashionista too. She owns Balini Sports, a sportswear and yoga wear brand in Las Vegas. Take a look at her sexy and stylish yoga wear at http://balinisports.com/shop/.