Why You Should Be Doing Squats! 6 Benefits Of Doing Them!

Why You Should Be Doing Squats! 6 Benefits Of Doing Them!


Squatting variations like barbell back squats or front squats are a favorite among bodybuilders, powerlifters and other athletes for one main reason: it friggin’ works!  Performing them is effective for building a strong lower body; they also provide a number of benefits including increased improved flexibility and even hormones are released while doing them.

We will explain why squats should be incorporated in your workout routine every week.

1. Stronger Lower Body

Squats can result to stronger lower body.

Different types of squatting exercises are a key component for developing a stronger lower body. Although machine exercises like leg extensions and leg curls may target the quads and hamstrings, squats use almost every lower body muscle in harmony building lower body strength. Because your not locked into a machine, your building stability and revealing potential imbalances between your left and right side.

2. Improved Flexibility

Squats can improve your overall flexibility. Dat flexibility dough!

By moving your body through a full ROM (range in motion), you’ll not only build strength; you’ll boost flexibility as well. Deep squats help to increase ROM of the entire hip composite. The benefits are reduced back pain and an easier time getting around in daily activities or sporting activities.

3. Reduced Chance Of Injury

Squats keep you safe by reducing injuries from training.

Boosting muscles surrounding your knees and hips is a quick way to reduce the chance of injury while doing any strenuous body activity.

4. Increased Hormone Release

Doing squats results to increased hormone release.

Total body exercises are good simulators for muscle building hormones like growth hormones and testosterone . Because they incorporate every muscle in the body, doing them becomes a great incentive for muscle growth. Loading up a challenging amount of weight will in turn cause you to benefit from the anabolic hormonal growth factor that will help you build muscle everywhere – not just your lower half.

5. Increased Vertical Jump

Squat training improves your vertical jumping power.

Having hops on the basketball court isn’t only correlated with genetics. The ability to extend your hips powerfully is a key factor in increasing your vertical. Luckily, squats build hip extension strength. As a bonus, squats not only help you produce power; they also help you absorb it as well. That translates to less injuries coming down from getting a rebound. Include both heavy squats to build strength and lighter, quicker reps to boost explosiveness and see yourself dunking in no time.

6. Enhanced Core Strength

Squats can enhance your core strength.

Squats typically are loaded from the top to bottom, either in the form of a barbell or a dumbbell, your core has to work twice as hard to prevent you from injury and maintaining an upright position. In terms of building your abs, heavy compound exercises like squats should be an essential. Including performing front squats which involve a barbell held in front of your body for an increased core tension and to build insane midsection strength.