Why Your New Year’s Resolution Is Bullsh*t!

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It is very hectic to workout in the month of January. As the New Year arrives every gym gets full of the people having a New Year’s resolution to get slimmer and fitter. This makes the gym  very packed and I need to wait for my turn in the squat rack and for someone to stop curling in it (smh!). But fortunately people give up on their resolution until February and leave the gym. This brings everything back to normal. It is unfortunate but thats still the reality of New Year’s resolutions is that about 85% of the them end up in a failure and people just forget what they promised to do during the new year.




Am I right that you are not planning to be part of this statistic? You are not planning to wake up at the end of next year and realize that everything is same and you have nothing done to change you and your lifestyle in 2014. So let’s make some creative New Year’s resolutions today that are followed till the end of the year and the resolutions that don’t suck and you don’t forget.


Why people can’t stick to their resolutions?

Resolutions are the part of life and the job that needs to be done. Obviously resolutions are made when people really need them and they are important as well. No matter if it is about losing some extra weight, reducing stress or to stop drinking alcohol. Everyone wants to succeed and stick to the resolution till the end.

So what is the reason for people to fail? The reasons for failure are very basic. Setting unrealistic goals; working hard to achieve the goals; burn out in a few weeks: and certainly running out of the motivation, this is the long and short story of failed goals. Instead of choosing some unrealistic goals, why don’t make a great resolution and think ahead for achieving it. A great plan only needs a great effort. A great plan reduces unnecessary stress that drives people for giving up on their goals. When you plan perfectly, everything else plays in your favor as well.


Make your exercise resolution for the New Year

  1. Take a piece of paper to list down the things you have in mind. Jot down everything thing that you really want but remember this is the time to do some quality stuff so don’t go for quantity.
  2. Have a deep look at your list and cross the goals that not very important for yourself.
  3. Now look the rest of the list a rank the goals in order of their importance, start from the least you would care to do.
  4. As few points are done it will become hard for you rank one over another. If this happens to you just think what would happen if you don’t reach the goal. This is moment when you are going to mark the hardest as number 1.


Boost up your exercise motivation every time

  1. Just make a list the things that you will miss when you won’t succeed in your resolution. It is time to think long term, your happiness in 2014 and your health.
  2. Now make a list of things that you are going to get if you reach your goal successfully. What difference will it make? How well you shall be treated? What will you feel? Just don’t hold back yourself and use your imagination power!
  3. Post the list somewhere you can see everyday like on your door, bedside or in your wallet – and look at the list whenever you can. Just consider all the consequences of failure and success. This will help you in boosting your motivational level and for staying on your track.


What about you? What are your plans this year? What have you left behind in 2012? What is your deepest heart wish? Life is granted once to you, so give your complete efforts and use your life perfectly. It depends on you how serious you take your dreams, and this guide will help you to achieve your goals having a successful 2014.

Happy New Year and good luck!