Woman Leaves Husband For Personal Trainer


Pamela Hunt married Vince Coombs in 2009 but after two years of marriage, she ditched him for her new personal trainer, Ray Houghton, 58. The fit 50-year-old fell for fitness fanatic Ray just 18 months after moving to The Orihuela Costa, Spain with her ex-husband. After developing strong feelings, she ended her marriage and started weight training with her new lover.





Pamela, from Suffolk, said: “When I first joined the gym and saw Ray I thought ‘wow! Vince is normal build and was taller than Ray but I’ve always found muscles very attractive.

“My feelings for Ray took me by complete surprise, I was happily married and wasn’t looking for a new lover.

“But the more personal training sessions I had, the more I realised I was starting to fancy Ray.”

“I was happily married and wasn’t looking for a new lover”
Pamela Hunt
The buff couple now workout together at Body Beach Gym, Cabo Roig every day and are happier than ever. And Pamela has become a ripped bodybuilder with bulging biceps and washboard abs.

Pamela had no idea if Ray fancied her until she finished with Vince.

“It was risky but I couldn’t keep my feelings to myself for any longer,” she added. “I was so nervous texting Ray but I just wrote, ‘I’ve got feeling for you, I don’t know if you feel the same.’

“Thankfully he replied, ‘I feel exactly the same but I wasn’t going to interfere with your marriage.'” Pamela felt a huge sense of relief and now they were both free to start dating.

“Ray is my absolute soul mate, there is no one in the world who I think is a better match for me,” added Pamela.

“Dating him made me feel like a teenager again, for the first time in years I felt a huge surge of sexual chemistry.”

“Vince was happy for us and that made everything a lot easier,” she added.

Ray has since helped Pamela get her dream body and now she’s training to take part in bodybuilding competitions in England or Spain next year.

Pamela added: “I have never felt so good in my entire life. I had always been a size 6-8 but had started to feel saggy as I was heading to my 50’s.

“But now I’m full of energy, me and Ray don’t drink, or go out for meals. We are 100 per cent dedicated to the gym and improving our physiques.

“I have the body of a woman in my 20s and me and Ray want to live long and happy lives together.”
FIT: Pamela is set to compete in bodybuilding competitions in England or Spain next year. Her ex-husband Vince has been understand about the split and wished the new couple well. Vince said: “When Pamela told me she had feelings for Ray I felt disappointed in myself, and not knowing where I had gone wrong. “It was a total shock, I had no idea, but to be fair, not as shocked as Pamela when it came flying out of her mouth. “We are still good friends and always will be, but we will never get back together as I never look back just forwards. “Things always happen for a reason, Pamela and Ray can now grow as people together and enjoy whatever comes their way and I have a wonderful life and this new chapter is just as good as the others have been.”

via Daily Star