Woman With ‘Granny Bum’ Loses Her Entire Bottom After Botched Butt Lift



Heidi Faulkner, 36, from Hertfordshire, slimmed down from 224 lbs to 112 lbs over three years with the help of a gastric band – but wasn’t happy with her body. She explained that her dramatic weight loss left her with a ‘wrinkly granny bum’.

She said: “I lost so much weight I looked ill and had to have a break from the [gastric] band. But I went from a size six to a 14 in weeks before having the band fixed and losing weight again. “The fluctuation in my weight left me with loose skin on my stomach and legs and wrinkly folds and sagging skin around my hips and bum.


Heidi Faulkner, 36, from Hertfordshire, made the decision to have a bum lift after going from 16 stone to 8 stone in three years with the help of a gastric band.
The weight loss helped her become a size 6 but she was left with a saggy bottom.

She said: ‘I was a 30-something with the body of an 80-something old woman. My son used to say, “Mum, it looks like your bum has melted”. My skin looked like candle wax dripping down the back of my legs. ‘It had no shape, my buttocks were flat and exercise wasn’t making any difference.’

So Heidi saved £2,000 for a cut-price cosmetic surgery operation in Prague – having previously had a successful tummy tuck at the same clinic. But when she awoke after the procedure she found herself with two huge diagonal scars across her bum cheeks.

‘I thought I must be having a nightmare or the drugs were affecting me. Then, I heard someone screaming, and realised it was me,’ she said. ‘It looked just like a shark had come and taken a massive bite out of my bum. It was horrific. They called the surgeon who said it would be fine when the swelling went down.’

The surgeon had removed so much fat that her coccyx was left exposed and sitting down became painful. To make matters worse, she no longer had any money to fix the problem. Instead she appeared on Channel 5 show Botched Bodies, where surgeons suctioned in fat from her thighs and knees to pad her bum back out in a three hour operation.

Although she still has the scars, Heidi said: ‘The pain has gone and I can sit again. I’m doing lots of squats to build up the muscles and improve the shape. ‘Aesthetically, I still wish my bum looked better – but the damage done in Prague was pretty hard to fix.’

via Metro