Woman’s Brave Response To Accusation She Faked Her ‘Before and After’ Weight Loss Photos


A woman who was accused of faking her incredible ‘before and after’ weight loss photos, bravely shared a photo of the loose skin left behind to hit back at the haters. Simone Anderson went from 375 lbs  to 185 lbs in just 11 months.

The 24-year-old freelance hair stylist and hairdresser from Auckland shared her journey via her dedicated Facebook page. She wrote: ‘On August the 29th I made the decision to change my lifestyle and my habits once and for all in what I am calling “Simone’s Journey to Health” which is my positive lifestyle change.’ ‘Over the course of 8 weeks I lost 18kg, & on October 28th I had Gastric Sleeve Stomach surgery,’ she explained. ‘I have lost 85.7kg in 11 months.’ She also shared an inspirational picture of the incredible weight loss online.

I am officially half the person I was 11 months ago! From 169kg to 83.85kg, I can’t even begin to explain in words what this accomplishment feels like. I set my self a goal that seamed so far out of reach at the time but I have stuck to it and with a lot of determination, will power, drive, motivation & compromise I have achieved my goal. Proud doesn’t even begin to describe this feeling! Every 5am start, every single workout, tear, crying fit has all been worth it! From a BMI of 51.6 to 25.6. Now by no means does this mean my journey is over, from here I am setting my self many more goals, from maintenance, to toning, to increasing weights at the gym, half marathon to full marathon, more ocean swims and more sporting teams. This is just the beginning of a brand new and improved me, one who won’t let anything or anyone get in the way of achieving what ever I decide to put my mind to. COME AT ME WORLD!!!!

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But, after people accused her of faking the ‘before and after’ shots, she decided to share another photo – one that showed the reality of extreme weight loss: loose skin.


I don’t no why but every single comment that called me out for being fake and a liar really bothered me far more than it should. I think it’s because it took hours of crying and debating whether to share my story online and for others to see, posting the first picture online along with my weight for the world to see what the hardest thing I have ever done. Throughout my whole journey I have tried to be so honest about the whole experience and tell people it exactly as it’s happened so to be called a fake hurt a lot. And then when it came to posting about my lose skin well that was equally as tough. So here we go I hope this helps all the “non believers” – my face uncovered, yes my hair and eyebrows are a different colour as I’m going back to blonde, yes I have changed my phone from Samsung to apple and have moved house so the background has changed (it has been 11 months people, things change!), my skin colour varies in every single post as I get a spray tan once a week on a Thursday and often change the depth of the colour I get depending on what event I have that weekend, yes I have lose skin and stretch marks but I don’t feel the need to show them in every single photo I post online, I have shared my excess skin picture before so if you had bothered to click on my page you would have seen it and as for my ears changing in appearance?! Well I can’t see that haha so who the hell knows!!! Maybe weight changes ears lol. Hope this helps 😀 now lost 85.7 GO ME! A photo posted by Simone Anderson (@simone_anderson) on

She wrote beside the picture: ‘Throughout my whole journey I have tried to be so honest about the whole experience and tell people it exactly as it’s happened so to be called a fake hurt a lot.’ She went on: ‘When it came to posting about my loose skin well that was equally as tough. So here we go I hope this helps all the “non believers”.’

She explains: ‘I have been left with a large amount of excess skin on my stomach. Through the entire process, I have been at the gym nearly daily in the hope of toning up as I lost weight and for my legs and arms this worked but unfortunately my stomach was to far stretched to ever recover.’
‘I am now looking into surgery to get the excess skin removed so I can start to live in my 24 year old body I have worked so hard to get back,’ she says.

She has started a crowdfunding page in the hope of raising the money needed for surgery to remove the extra skin.

via Metro

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