Workout Routines and Male Fertility

working out and Male Fertility


If you go to the gym regularly, you may very well be right around the age where you might want to start a family soon. The problem is that heavy workouts can often be a potential risk to your future plans. That is, they could affect your fertility.  Here are a few tips for keeping your little guys healthy while staying fit.

Pressure Hurts Your Junk

One of the reasons why you have to avoid any kind of heavy workout is that any kind of pressure down there can cause damage to your sperm count and generally fertility. This means that you need to avoid anything that causes pressure. Biking isn’t a good idea if you care about fertility, for example. Bicycle seats make it so that you are putting a lot of pressure in that area just by sitting down.  You end up becoming numb in that area just by riding more than a few hours a week. If you’re losing proper blood flow down there, you’ll run the risk of making it harder to achieve an erection, and so on.

Another concern here is if you’re using a rowing machine, since this can also put pressure in that area every time you push against your that area when delivering a stroke.  Pressure can reduce blood flow, so you need to watch out for it. Believe it or not, this can also include tight pants. You should avoid wearing pants that are too tight in the crotch as a result.


Obviously, any blow to the area can reduce sperm count. This means be really careful whenever you’re doing any kind of exercise or sport that could end up with this happening. This includes sports like baseball and hockey, any kind of material art, and so on.

Avoid Slowly Killing Yourself by Smoking/Drinking

This should probably go without saying, but smoking and an overabundance of alcohol can really kill your fertility as well as , you know, the rest of you. But even if you just have a sometimes habit, even if you only drink every great once in a while, or have a cigarette every great once in a while, this can all reduce sperm count. Smoking in particular can lower sperm count like nobody’s business. You can lose around 25 percent reduction in sperm concentration and 10 percent in sperm motility that way. It’s true that drinking in moderation won’t reduce sperm count directly, but drinking often leads to drinking excessively, and that can definitely have a major effect on fertility. This is also the case for any kind of drug that you abuse recreationally.

Stay Away from  Heat

The entire reason why your testicles are outside of your body in the first place is because sperm die when they are at too high of a temperature. If you wear pants that increase the heat in that area too much, or if you take excessive hot baths or put too much heat in that area for any reason, you could kill your sperm count without it being really necessary.

Eat Well

Recent studies show that eating a lot of antioxidants can help your reproductive system. It has a bunch of positive effects on other parts of your body as well of course, such as your brain and your muscles. You can get antioxidants from any kind of brightly colored fruits and vegetables like oranges, blueberries, green leafy vegetables and so on.  Also, try to eat a lot of vitamin C and E, which are found in nuts. Avoiding fatty foods is a good idea too, since too much fat can actually reduce sperm count by keeping down hormone development.

Overall, keep your body healthy and keep these tips in mind and you shouldn’t have to alter your workout too much to stay fertile.

This is a guest post by freelance writer, health and fitness enthusiast Claire Wilson who is currently writing for California Cryobank.