Doing Bootcamp As Therapy



Studies prove that physical activity can improve mental health, but it’s not just because you’re burning calories and fitting into your favorite jeans.

Lacey Stone, trainer, fitness instructor, and founder of BOOTYcamp, explains: “I think it’s really important that people realize how important the mental side of fitness is if they want to be successful long-term.” But that doesn’t mean you have to pack up and head to an ashram for daily yoga and spiritual enlightenment; you can still get plenty of of emotional and mental rewards from your workouts.

A lot of people approach fitness as a way to burn calories or make their butt look good. What are the biggest benefits beyond just the physical?

If you work out in a group setting, especially at boutique gyms and programs like the BOOTYcamp that I run, classes are designed to create an environment where people are focused on similar goals and have a similar work ethic. So you’re surrounded by a positive community of people striving for the same things, which is quite empowering. Oftentimes, people become friends, and then you’re in this circle of people who are healthy, so rather than going to eat cheeseburgers or get a drink, everyone’s like “let’s get sushi, or go to a spin class.” Success in anything you do is about consistency, and it’s easier to be consistent when the people around you are consistent as well.

Another great benefit is simply that when you work out a lot it raises your endorphins—it’s science. It’s known to be very good emotionally for you, and it kind of gives you a rush throughout the day where you’re kind of in a weirdly good mood, almost like you’re on drugs. (Especially if you have a little crush on the instructor, which is why we all work on being so hot! [laughs])

Another big message behind BOOTYcamp is that doing morning workouts really sets you up for success throughout the day. Meaning there’s no excuses at the end of the day to not go to the gym; you’ll probably eat a healthier breakfast because you don’t want to put crap in your body after you’ve just kicked your butt, etc.. It propels you to make positive choices throughout the rest of the day, and again, if you’re consistent, that equals results.

And also, the key thing that’s the most underrated thing about a healthy lifestyle is that it helps you sleep better. Oh and it increases your sex drive. So I mean it’s just good for you; there are huge benefits other than having a tight ass.


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