World’s Fattest Woman Losing Weight By Having Alot of Sex o_0


The heaviest woman in the world is using an unusual method to shed serious pounds – sex. “I sweat off loads of calories,” 600-pound Pauline Potter revealed in an interview with UK magazine Closer this month. “I call it ‘sexercise.’” Potter, 47, became the Guiness World Record holder for heaviest woman last year when she weighed in at 700 pounds, but she’s managed to lose nearly 100 pounds in the last year by rekindling her romance with her ex-husband Alex.

Pauline Potter went into the Guinness Book of Records last year at 728 pounds (52st) in an effort to shame herself into dieting. Instead, she only ate more and more. Somehow this aroused her ex-husband, Alex, who reconnected with the insanely obese woman, taking her to bed up toseven times a day. Wham, bam, and suddenly there was a much skinner ma’am.

She says their sex sessions are helping her slim. She’s lost 7st in seven months and, at 45st, can stand up again – but admits Alex does most of the work in the bedroom. She says: “I can’t move much in bed, but I burn 500 calories a session – it’s great exercise just jiggling around.” Pauline, 47 – whose son Dillion is from a previous relationship – was 32st when she met Alex online in 2002. Pauline, who then ran a daycare centre, says: “Alex didn’t mind my size.”

Pauline says: “I hadn’t had sex in three years, but we did it six times! He took charge as I couldn’t move much, but he was so attentive. I orgasm every time.”Since then Alex, who lives in Arizona, has visited Pauline twice a month for four days at a time, and they have continued to have sex two to seven times a day. She says: “We love foreplay and massages and, as well as full sex, I pleasure Alex, too. My bed is strengthened and, although I can’t buy sexy lingerie, I drape a nice sheet over me.”

Alex adds: “I never fell out of love with Pauline, we just had problems with the kids. It’s hard to position her and find her pleasure spots as she has a lot of fat in the pelvic area. But it turns me on knowing she’s satisfied. Although once, when she got on top, I couldn’t breathe.”

Potter says she continues to eat Big Macs, but chooses between nuggets and fries – instead of both – as side dishes. What an inspiration.



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