WORST Shoulder Exercise (Video)

Checkout this informative video from ATHLEAN-X™ on why the behind the neck shoulder press is one of the worst shoulder exercises that can destroy your rotor cuff.

Building bigger shoulders can often come at a price if you choose the wrong shoulder exercises. In this video, I show you one of the absolute worst shoulder exercises you can do to build your shoulders. It includes an actual demonstration of how the rotator cuff can become impinged by simply placing the bar in the wrong position on a shoulder press.

The biggest mistake people can make is to confuse the fact that they don’t get pain from a shoulder exercise with that making it a good exercise for your shoulders. Couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, 90 percent of all shoulder injuries come as a result of overuse and chronic breakdown. There are very few acute injuries that come from doing one single rep.

Doing the same bad exercise over and over, rep after rep, workout after workout is the recipe for almost all shoulder injuries.

In past videos I’ve talked about how bad the upright row is for your shoulders as well. It makes naming the worst exercise a bit tough. The problem is, there are a lot of bad shoulder exercises. Perhaps more than any other joint, due to the high degree of mobility it has with a low degree of stability. If you want to build big shoulders you need to do the right exercises that won’t cause you to breakdown. We all know, being injured prevents you from training and that won’t help you to add size to your shoulder muscles.