WWE Wrestler Chris Masters Uprooted A Tree With His Bare Hands To Save His Mother, Who Was Trapped Inside A Burning House With A Crazy Guy!

chris masters burning house copy



In a crazy unbelievable story that is crazy but also friggin bad ass;  former WWE superstar Chris Masters saved his mother from her burning home. Yes, that sounds badass by itself but heres the even crazier part! There was a madman inside the house and that Masters ripped a tree out of the ground to get into the burning house!






TMZ had broken the story yesterday and reported the following:

A neighbor had gone crazy and barricaded himself inside her house. When Chris showed up, the neighbor was shouting through the front door that he would burn the place down if anyone tried to gain entry.

Masters tried to rectify the situation, but that clearly didn’t work as the neighbor lit the Los Angeles home on fire.

Then Masters wrestling instinct kicked in. TMZ reported that Masters was seen “uprooting a tree with his bare hands and using it as a battering ram to enter her house.”






The crazy man is in custody and Masters’ mother is safe and doing ok. Still think wrestling fake?