Yoga Body & Soul Workout


Check out this yoga routine from BeFit!


[01:28] Uddiyana Bandha
[02:45] Crescent Kicks
[04:03] Boat Pose
[04:53] Workout Summary/ Recommendation


Yoga Body & Soul Workout from Star Fit is an exclusive look at one of The World’s oldest practices and hottest celebrity workouts. Find your inner balance with Star Fit Host, Kym Johnson as she explores 3 key, core-strengthening moves with World-Renowned Yoga Expert, Actor, and Author, Rainbeau Mars. Rainbeau has trained A-list celebrities like David Duchovny, Josie Maran, and Jason Mraz, with poses like these to help them to stay centered, toned, and balanced. Learn to improve your focus, posture, digestion, and coordination as you elongate muscle, blast belly fat, and sculpt the abs, arms, legs, back and butt. Get ready to exercise your body from the inside out as you detoxify your organs, reduce stress, and find your inner glow. Try this calorie-burning Yoga routine from the all new “Star Fit” Series and enjoy the results, both mentally and physically! Tune in every Friday for new body-transforming workouts that will leave you looking and feeling your best and be sure to check out Rainbeau in the all new BeFit Yoga series!




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