Yoga Is A Cure For A Hangover? Plus 9 Other Natural Hangover Cures (Infographic)


Yoga seems to be “all the rage” these days in the fitness realm. Classes are offered at every local gym and countless DVDs are for sale that will help you become an expert in your very own living room. Perhaps you’ve given yoga a chance and enjoyed some of the benefits of it in your life. Benefits include relaxation, increased strength, and greater mobility and flexibility. But there’s a benefit you may have not yet considered: Yoga (yes, even easy, light yoga) can be a great way to get over a particularly foul hangover and back to life faster.

The fact is that yoga helps to detoxify and re-energize your body, which is exactly what you need after drinking one too many drinks. Simple yoga moves can help detoxify your liver. In addition, it will help recharge your electromagnetic field and revive your muscles. So the next time you drink a little too much, give yoga a try and reap the benefits of a faster recovery.





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